About us


Biseris Ltd is one of the largest groups in Lithuania and the Baltic countries among companies specialising in project development that provide services for complex transport and the improvement of civil infrastructure. We have been improving traffic safety on Lithuania’s roads and in its towns for more than 20 years by installing the latest technologies and developing innovative solutions to modernise infrastructure. Today we offer a wide range of services that are perfectly adapted to both public and private clients. We professionally implement complex solutions for the improvement of urban, road, rail and port infrastructure. Since we began, we have fulfilled more than 5,000 orders of differing complexity for over 500 clients. A clearly structured process means that we serve clients professionally throughout implementation of projects, from conception to the effective delivery of complex solutions and their maintenance without trouble. The company is a leader in road markings and safety improvement. By gaining further qualifications and enhancing our services, we have taken big steps in implementing innovative solutions to improve infrastructure.


Biseris was founded as the first private-equity company that provided services for horizontal road marking with paint.
The company became the first to start marking Lithuanian roads with quality polymeric materials (thermoplastic).
We started installing traffic-safety elements (such as traffic signs, safety islands and speed humps).
We set up a metal workshop that started producing metal products (road barriers) and began selling them.
We started installing protective barriers on roads.
We started to provide maintenance services for road signs, traffic-safety facilities and traffic lights.
The company is focusing its activities on innovation and provide comprehensive services for transport and civil infrastructure.
Our address has changed
From now on you can find us at: Žarijų g. 12, LT-02300 Vilnius. Thanks. Don't show this again.