About us


We are a flexible company that does not fear looking at things from a different angle; we find and propose solutions that best meet customer needs. Before putting them in place, we always integrate the most modern equipment from different manufacturers and test its effectiveness in Lithuanian climatic conditions to ensure high-quality installation. We also take full responsibility for maintenance.
Without any hesitation, we energetically participate in a company's efficiency-enhancement programmes and show a clear will to improve business and solve problems that emerge. We play an active part in the activities of the Lithuanian Roads Association.
We are open in our communication and encourage the continuous development of an internal culture, teamwork and maximum respect for customers and employees. We develop international cooperation with foreign companies taking over their business experience.
Continuous improvement
We are a knowledge-oriented company and constantly invest to make our activities more efficient. We aim to look to the future and offer customers not what was effective yesterday, but what will be effective tomorrow. In making our decisions, we adopt an approach of innovation and novelty.
Our address has changed
From now on you can find us at: Žarijų g. 12, LT-02300 Vilnius. Thanks. Don't show this again.