Tomas Ignatavicius - new CEO of JSC Biseris

2017 07 24
Tomas Ignatavičius became the new CEO of JSC Biseris. He replaced Paulius Arstikis, who led the company for three years, who retired from the position by becoming the Executive Director of the Kaunas University of Technology.

T. Ignatavičius has worked as a technical director at the company. T. Ignatavičius has extensive experience in managing construction and infrastructure projects. Before joining Biseris, he was a member of the Executive Board in Swedish and Norwegian companies, Markuciai Sverige AB and Markuciai Norge AB. "My ambition is to change the company's business model, transfer and adapt the best Scandinavian road infrastructure installation and maintenance experience to be an innovative and efficient company. The world is developing and introducing traffic regulation innovations - whether it is 3D pedestrian crossings or laser barriers to traffic lights - I am convinced that all of this should come quickly to our roads as it increases traffic safety and protects people's lives, "- Says T. Ignatavičius. In cooperation with the Vilnius City Municipality, Biseris has installed "yellow stipes" on main crossroads in Vilnius - special yellow lines that help prevent clogging at peak times. The company also introduced schemes for traffic roudabouts, which help to reduce congestion in the  Antakalnis and Žirmūnų roudabouts of the capital. Together with the municipalities of Kaunas and Alytus Biseris installed the first intelligent pedestrian crossings in Lithuania that react to the heat and motion and start flashing warning lights when pedestrians approach the street. T. Ignatavičius holds a Master of Civil Engineering degree at Kaunas University of Technology. He started his career in construction, energy networking, real estate development companies, including YIT Kausta, SSPC Real Estate, and Kalstas.
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