2017 03 16
Kovo 11th street in Kaunas, was usually characterized as a dangerous street, because of cars and pedestrian accidents. Biseris has applied a unique technology. At Taikos avenue ring and “Girstutis” cultural center, where the pedestrian crossings are locating, Biseris has installed a modern equipment, which detects pedestrians. Thermal detectors detect pedestrian movements and at the same moment, activates the warning lights in the road signs and delineators in asphalt pavement for drivers. Directional LED pedestrian crosswalk lighting makes it even more visible for drivers, and safer for pedestrians.

Smart pedestrian crossing systems will be installed in all crossings of Kovo 11 street. This street has been chosen because it is set by 8 black spots, where 1 person was killed and 39 persons were injured over the past 4 years (Information from Kaunas Municipality).

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